Hello World!

Let's start with a brief introduction of myself for my first blog post 😀

I am not going to pretend: I AM NOT A GOOD WRITER. This is my first experience in blog administration and I beg your indulgence 🙏

My name is Larry. I am a French guy born in 1986 in a small town called Metz. For almost 10 years, I have been sharing my life with Maud, a beautiful and brilliant woman.

I studied International Trade but I never worked in this area. After I graduated with a Master's degree, I worked as a support agent for 2 domain names registrars during 7 years. My job was clearly not exciting but both companies I worked for were great. But after 7 years, it was not enough anymore. A lot of people around me were talking about their jobs like the dream job and I wanted to know that too. I am not a person who really has a passion for something in particular and I kind of always felt like I wasn't normal because of that. I had the feeling that all people around me had a passion. Of course, I am interested in different things but there is nothing I really consider like a passion.

In December 2018, Maud and I quitted our jobs because we needed a change, something was missing for us to find our true happiness. I write our happiness because it is important to understand that there is not a universal recipe to happiness. Everyone is a world and eventually everyone has to look for its own happiness recipe. As you guess, it is not an easy recipe to discover.

We travelled around the world during several months. Then, a lot of things changed in our minds ! I am not saying because we travelled the world we have now found happiness. What we found is one of the ingredients (the most important one) to happiness : OURSELVES. For the first time in my life I know exactly what I want and where I want to go.

Because of COVID-19, I missed a job opportunity. I decided to consider this fail as a CHANCE. As I said earlier, I never had a real passion BUT I was always intrigued by the world of web development. In the past years, as many people, I tried some MOOCs and other tutorials on the web but I never had the motivation to finish a project. I just thought I was not able to learn how to code.

Things change and so does my self-confidence ! That is why, I'll learn how to become a Web Developer for the next 6 months with the Online School o'Clock.

Here, you'll find the complete syllabus (in French).

In this blog, I would like to share with everyone my experience and how I'll feel in this new adventure. Obviously, I'll talk mainly about web development but not only. Probably later on, I'll also talk about our World Tour Experience and how it completely changed our lives and our vision of the World.

As you may have noticed, my English is not perfect but I consider this blog could be a good exercice to improve this skill. Let me know if I made a mistake, I won't be offended.

Talk to you soon!

Code Larry 🧑‍💻

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