Let Me Tell You Why!

As I wrote in my first article, my new challenge is to become a Web Developer.
I decided to reach this objective with the help of an online school but at first, I did not even think about paying for this kind of program.

On several blogs, youtube channels and other social networks you'll find many testimonials of Web Developers who learnt as autodidacts. Many of them will consider as a crazy thing to pay for a training because all resources to learn are available for free and it is true... You can find all resources for free!

So, why not me ?

I spent hours searching through Google for the best MOOCs, the best tutorials, the best blogs and all the best anything I could find to learn. As you can imagine, I found a lot of them and there are very good ones. My problem now was to know where to start and how to organize my training : let's meet again my best friend G to help me in this quest.


Here we go again for several hours searching through Google to find hundreds of different schedules and, obviously all of them are presented as "THE BEST".

Ok, now I have resources and I have a program to follow. I am ready to become a great Web Developer... Or not.

The above steps took me whole days and during those ones, I didn't learn anything. This time is lost and I won't get it back. I selected resources but it is impossible to know if they will really fit my needs and the kind of learner I am. I'll have specific questions all along my training and not all of them are addressed in those free resources. Again, it will require a lot of time to find the answers to my questions and especially answers I can understand. I defined a planning but how can I know how long will I really need to complete each stages of my schedule ? Therefore, I often had to tweak my schedule and it is time-consuming.

After several weeks, I spent countless hours looking for new resources and updating my learning schedule. While I was busy with those meaningless tasks, I wasn't learning anything about web development.


I am not ready to learn as an autodidact and I am completely ok with that.

I need a frame to learn how to become a Web Developer. That is why, I decided to pay for a 6 months full-time training at O'CLOCK. Of course, I did not choose the first school I found on the web. I have compared several schools' syllabus, I have tried to obtain the most accurate information about schools' reputations, I have spoken with alumnis and this is how I have made my decision.

During this training, I won't lose time searching for resources or defining a learning schedule because we'll have teachers to guide us. If we need help to understand a specific point, they will be available to answer our questions. Finally, I will follow this path with other students and we will be able to support each other.

Some will consider it as a waste of money, I consider it as an investment on myself. I see this training as an accelerator to allow me to reach my goal. According to me, it is completely possible to learn as an autodidact: it will save you some money but, I am sure, it won't save you time.


My training to become a Web Developer starts on September 14th and in a next article and I will talk about how I prepared myself.

Talk to you soon!

Code Larry 🧑‍💻

P.S.: As you'll notice, English is not my native language. Let me know if I made a mistake, I won't be offended 🙂

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